Kilimanjaro For Kangaroo Mother Care

Kilimanjaro For Kangaroo Mother Care

October 6th – October 17th 2014

Mt Kilimanjaro

For those of you wanting an action-packed, once in a lifetime adventure whilst doing some good for the world – then this is for you!!

In October 2014 we will again be scaling the great heights of Africas highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness and much needed funds for Kangaroo Mother Care.

After we have successfully reached the summit, finished our celebrations and rested our weary bodies, we will then be heading to the wards to see Kangaroo Mother Care in action and help out where we can.

Eight Aussie Adventurers have just got back from this life-changing experience, all successfully summiting Mount Kilimanjaro with amazing enthusiasm and dedication. WELL DONE TEAM!!!!!

Here is what they had to say:

BethAfrica was never on my to-do list, however it is now an incredible memory and event that I will never forget.

“The experience of summiting Kilimanjaro with the support from people I had only just met was amazing and I couldn’t have made it through the toughest climb of my life without them. Then being able to see first-hand the village life and being able to make a small difference really made this trip a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would would highly recommend.” ~ BETH

Justin“An invite from a friend was all it took. And who would have known that the invite would take me on one of the most life changing and inspirational journeys of my life.

The spirit and encouragement from the most random bunch of characters that I now have the pleasure of now calling friends was extremely uplifting. Looking forward to the next one!” ~ JUSTIN

Steph“Don’t let the fear of not making it to the top stop you from taking the climb. Every single day had its challenges and rewards. The support from your fellow climbers and porter crew will blow you away. By far the most rewarding, uplifting and adrenaline pumping experience of my life. Back next year for sure.” ~ STEPH

Anissa“Incredible experience, amazing group of random people that all supported and encouraged each other to push through even as the oxygen continued to diminish and the legs sowed to snails pace!!!

Absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever done, but definitely worthwhile. Thanks Rainbow Warriors for sharing a once in a lifetime experience.” ~ ANISSA

Blake“Kilimanjaro was the singularly most challenging experience of my life, but also the most rewarding.

A journey not to be missed!”